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Types of Driveway Cracks

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An asphalt driveway will last for an extremely long time theoretically if properly installed and maintained by an expert contractor. However, driveway sealing and repairs will be required occasionally. The repair techniques rely on the form of damages you are dealing with.

To make things simple, we have created a guide to help you figure out the various forms of cracks and how to fix crack in driveway.


Depressions are small or huge dips and indents in the pavement where debris and water accumulate, typically following snowfall or rain.

Using low-quality materials and poor compaction during construction are the main causes of this. The weight of small and large cars can force the asphalt to sink lower because of a lack of durability and excessive air pockets over time. Depressions can eventually become potholes if neglected.

You have to get rid of the damaged subgrades and replace them with high-quality and properly compacted aggregate to prevent problems in the future. The new subgrade can be fixed and will require 24 hours to properly cure.

Block Cracking

Block cracks are huge or midsized interconnected cracks that are shaped roughly like rectangles or squares. Typically, they happen on long stretches of road. However, they can often happen in places that do not get a lot of traffic.

The main cause of this problem is the use of low-quality bitumen that isn’t compatible with the climate conditions of your area. Asphalt fails to contract and expand as required if it isn’t capable of changing to humidity and temperature changes. This causes it to crack and dry out.

Small cracks can be fixed using crack sealing. However, serious cracks need a complete overhaul where the asphalt is removed totally and they will apply a new overlay.

Alligator Fatigue Cracking

A group of interconnected cracks that resemble the cracked and dry skin of an alligator is called alligator cracking. Usually, this type of cracking begins from various directions until the cracks are connected together.

A thin surface aggregate, poor drainage, weak surface, miscalculating the load the driveway will hold regularly, weak structure or a combination of these problems is the cause of this issue.

Since almost every alligator cracking is a foundation problem, an expert contractor has to identify the weakest structural points so that they can apply a new patch.

Joint Reflection Cracking

This type of crack is a fracture that happens in a flexible overlay.

Over time, varying thermal temperatures and excessive moisture can cause the driveway subgrade to shift. This is particularly true if it has not been properly cured. The use of load-bearing cars and consistent usage can also contribute to the formation of this type of crack.

A professional driveway contractor can fill in small cracks. On the other hand, a professional contractor has to get rid of the whole damaged surface area when it comes to serious cracks. Before the surface layer can be replaced with a stronger overlay, the underlying asphalt has to be compacted. This can be done by a professional driveway contractor.

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