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Best Activities in Cruise Kids’ Club

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Cruise ships have different facilities for every age group and if you’re planning to cruise with the whole family you should check out their facilities first. In cruising, the first facilities you should check are the facilities for the kids since cruising would take weeks and kids gets bored fast. Nowadays, most cruise ships have kids’ clubs. Kids’ clubs are also known as youth programs. These clubs are age appropriate from toddlers to teens. This facility is fantastic with its vibrant walls, wide area and amazing activities and the only problem you face is how you will ask your kids to rest because they can really spend their whole day in here. Here are 5 best kids’ clubs in the best cruises for kids.

The top-rated kids’ club activity is the Royal Caribbean’s Adventure Ocean. This facility welcomes kids age from six months old to 17 years old. The facility is divided into 6 different age groups. Babies and toddlers should be accompanied by their parents or they can ask their babies to be taken care of for a fee. What is great about this is they also cater children with special needs. This is a very big playground that every kid in the world could play happily and

safe. In the around 28,000 sq ft facility Adventure Ocean kids can play in different play spaces and teens can enjoy the video arcade and theater.

Next is the Norwegian Cruise Line’s Splash Academy. Like most kids; club, it is open for six months old to 17 years old. This facility offers different workshops and entertaining activities to kids of different age groups. They also have this “Late Night Fun Zone” for a minimal fee where your kids can play until 1:30 AM. The Splash Academy is a two-deck colorful kids’ club. Kids will enjoy the arts and crafts here as well as the fashion and pirate’s night show. Teens will enjoy the dance floor, jukebox and gaming station too!

Then we have the Disney Cruise Line’s Oceaneer Club. This kids’ club have different play spaces per age group. Each space is a Disney themed room like Andy’s room, Animator’s Studio and the Marvel’s Avengers Academy. If you want a Disney inspired cruise experience, this is the best for you.

Another amazing kids’ club is Carnival Cruise Line’s Camp Ocean. It caters kids of all ages. They have different marine-themed activities for your little ones. Kids can enjoy the Dr. Seuss Themed activities; enjoy scavenger hunts, build-a-bear workshop and the sea-themed volleyball or soccer.

Don’t forget to include in your list Princess’ Camp Discovery. Due to its partnership with the Discovery Communications it became Camp Discovery. In this kids’ club, your kids age 3-17 years old will enjoy both physical and educational fun activities. This includes video games, dance parties, story time, science experiments and mask-making! All of these activities are touched with discoveries and wildlife. Wait, it doesn’t stop there because this club is also for the kids at heart because young adults can join too. They can join the secret society Club 1820 using a special gesture!

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